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Crownline’s Portable Air Conditioning Solutions

The UAE is known for its extreme temperatures that can make summers unbearable. This is exactly the reason why a portable air conditioner or an air cooler in the UAE is a must-have. But how do you choose the right cooling solution? Here’s what to think about.

Choosing a cooling method

A portable air conditioner and air cooler in the UAE can both bring down the temperature of a room, but they work differently. Air coolers use evaporation, while portable air conditioners use a refrigerant and compressor to remove heat from the air.


Do you want something portable that’s easy to move around and transport from one room to another? Our Crownline AC-287 air cooler in the UAE has a net weight of 7.500 kg and a 20L water tank, which makes it easily moveable. This model uses a natural cooling system that reduces dependency on energy-intensive machinery, which promotes both environmental friendliness and lower utility costs.

If you prefer a portable air conditioner, check out the Crownline PAC-224. This 14,000 BTU air conditioner can cool spaces of up to 525 square feet. But even though it’s powerful, it doesn’t compromise portability. It has easy-to-roll casters, so you can move it to any room.


When it comes to cooling your home, pick a model with uncomplicated features. You want something that doesn’t require a manual to understand. Our Crownline appliances are designed with this in mind, with features like intuitive remote controls and straightforward timer functions.

straightforward timer functions

Our Crownline AC-250 air cooler in the UAE, for instance, comes with a 12-hour timer that you can set to make sure your space is cool and comfortable right when you need it.

Meanwhile, the Crownline PAC-152 portable air conditioner comes with a remote control, a 24-hour timer, and automatic temperature control to keep you comfortable all day long —without you having to do much. It’s designed for medium-sized spaces of 425 sq ft or less and boasts 12,000 BTUs of cooling power to quickly bring down the temperature.

If you’re ready to buy reliable and efficient portable air conditioners and air coolers, Crownline products are available at all National Store outlets and online on Amazon and Noon.com. Order your air cooler today and stay comfortable.


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