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Raspberry Butter – The Stay At Home Chef

Melt this onto a freshly baked muffin and enjoy the absolute bliss.

If you want to make it super fancy, you can make your own butter. All you need is heavy cream.

Why Our Recipe

  • Keeping our fluff in the butter, not in the post.

This recipe reminds me of my mother-in-law and her love for her raspberry garden. She had the best raspberries and would incorporate them into whatever she could. I can’t enjoy raspberries like this without thinking of her!

Ingredient Notes

An overhead view of a bowl of ingredients for homemade raspberry butter.
  • Butter: always use softened butter or your arm will get a good workout. If the butter is not softened enough, it can look a little lumpy. Make it smoother by continuing to stir.
  • Jam: you can choose to do a seedless jam or a jam that has more fruit chunks and seeds.

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