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Discover the Benefits of Crownline MD-395 Dehumidifier

Did you know that maintaining optimum moisture levels is crucial to your health? When they drop, everything feels dry. Meanwhile, too much moisture can make your home susceptible to fungal growth and a musty smell on clothes. The only way to keep these problems at bay is by using a dehumidifier in the UAE. Here at Crownline, we have the best dehumidifiers to suit your exact needs and budget. Our products are easy to use and will help control the humidity in your room. Just be sure to get the correct size. If you need one for 25-35 m3 of space, check out the MD-395 model.

Crownline Dehumidifier MD-395

What makes Crownline MD-395 the best dehumidifier in the UAE? For one thing, it has a 25L/day moisture feature that makes it effective at controlling moisture in standard-sized rooms. Plus, the modern design ensures it won’t stand out much when used in contemporary-styled spaces. Most users appreciate the low energy consumption that uses only 320W of power, so you don’t have to worry about it adding a significant amount to your energy bills.

MD-395 offers smart dehumidification with features like the Continuous Dehumidification Digital Control Panel and a timer that offers more control over its function. You don’t even have to second-guess the water levels, as you can see them through the 6.5L tank’s window.

Intuitive function

With the Crownline MD-395, you won’t need any other dehumidifier in the UAE. Our product has high-tech and innovative features to simplify operation, such as the electronic touch panel and 3-colour environmental humidity lamp. Additionally, it extracts up to 25 L of water every day and offers 195m3/h of airflow volume, making it ideal for rooms where you’re drying clothes so you can prevent any musty odours. Our dehumidifier also has a 24-hour timer and an auto turn-off feature when the water tank is full.

Experience the benefits of the Crownline MD-395 dehumidifier in the UAE by getting one from a National Store branch. You can also shop online at Noon.com or Amazon.

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