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Crownline’s Citrus Juicer for Effortless Refreshment

Gone are the days when preparing freshly squeezed citrus juice took a lot of time and effort. With a Crownline citrus juicer, your drink will be ready in a minute. CJ-268 takes the hassle out of manually tearing, splitting, and squeezing oranges and other similar fruits thanks to its automatic function that you can adjust to your specific requirements.

When we designed this juicer, we gave it convenient features to decrease the strain of squeezing citrus fruits. It works with 220-240V with a frequency of 50/60Hz, making it ideal for modern kitchens. The juicer cone works in alternating left-and-right rotation to effortlessly squeeze more juice from the fruit, ensuring nothing goes to waste. Moreover, you can control how pulpy your drink can be. Let’s take a closer look at the features to help you understand why it’s the perfect addition to your kitchen!

Fuss-free juicing

Most advanced juicers have far too many buttons and controls. That’s not the case with the Crownline CJ-268 citrus juicer. Just press down the fruit to start, and when done juicing, simply stop and lift the husk to stop. You can adjust the pulp control from 1 to 5, so your juice can have as little or more pulp according to your taste.

Not just for fruit juices

CJ-268 is very handy for whipping up all sorts of recipes because of its practical scale. It’s big enough for making sauces, dips, and condiments. Our juicer has a 500 ml plastic jug and two cones to accommodate different sizes of citrus fruits.

Easy to clean

After use, you don’t have to leave your citrus juicer in the sink to wash it later. Simply disassemble the removable parts of the CJ-268 and leave the cleaning to your dishwasher.

Experience effortless juicing now and get a Crownline citrus juicer from a National Store near you. We also sell this product on our Amazon and Noon.com stores if you prefer to shop online.

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