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Standard or Pro Ranges: Which One is Best for Your Home?

If you’re a keen home cook, you may have wondered whether you should purchase a pro range or stick to a standard model when you’re next updating your kitchen. While standard ranges offer superb features, pro-style ranges tend to offer greater functionality. So, here we’ll explore some of the reasons why a pro range may be a good option for you.

More Cooking Features and Power:

One of the best ways to boost your cooking power is to use a pro range. These appliances typically have a far higher BTU output compared to standard ranges. They also typically have an expanded selection of cook modes including air fry and steam with features such as star shaped power burners and infrared broilers that can expand your cooking repertoire.

Greater Durability:

While standard ranges have a decent lifespan, pro ranges are designed to handle the rigorous demands of a professional kitchen. This means that you can expect greater durability in features such as heavy duty knobs, soft close hinges and ergonomic handles. It is also common to see continuous, sturdy cast iron gates on pro ranges which allow you to slide heavy pans and pots across the cooktop without needing to lift the heavy items.

High End Controls:

One of the main advantages of a professional range is that they offer heavy duty controls. Many units feature solid and durable knobs, while others have sleek touchscreens, there may even be LED backlighting to make it easier to see if a burner is on with one glance. With either option, the controls are built to handle heavy use.

You’re Likely to Need a Gas Hookup:

Although induction has seen a popularity surge within the domestic market, pro chefs still prefer the power and versatility of gas. Gas offers the highest heat outputs for a cooktop, so most pro models will require a gas hookup. In some cases, you may be able to get a pro dual fuel range, but this still means that you’ll need a gas line.

You’re Likely to Need Ventilation:

The heat output of a pro range, particularly one that is all gas, means that your kitchen will heat up more quickly than it would if you had a standard range. So, if you’re switching from a standard range to a professional one, you will also need to plan for a range hood or other ventilation to eliminate the steam, smoke and grease.

Consider the Size and Weight:

Since many pro ranges come with a set of double ovens, they tend to be both larger and heavier than standard ranges. While this does increase the functionality, you may need to think about reinforcing the floor joists in your kitchen before installation. You will also need to double check the measurements of any doors that the new range will need to pass through before you make a purchase.


The final consideration for standard vs pro ranges is the cost. As we’ve discussed, pro ranges offer a variety of benefits, but this does come at a cost. The high end feature set will lead to a higher price tag, so you will need to assess your budget and whether you would be better suited to a standard range.


If you’re planning on using your new range a lot, you may find it worth the additional investment to purchase a pro style range. If high performance gas burners, additional cooking capacity and high end features are a priority for you, a pro style range could be the ideal choice.

If you’re considering a new range, you can explore our online collection to check out the available options or speak to one of our home appliance specialists.

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