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Discover the Convenience of Crownline’s Appliance Travel Kit

Travelling no longer means leaving behind the comforts of home. Crownline’s travel kit appliances offer the convenience and reliability you need to travel with confidence. From a mini jump starter to ensure your vehicle’s battery is always charged to multi-use gadgets, these travel kits are designed to make your journey worry-free.

Mini jump starter: A travel kit must-have

Crownline’s travel kit selection includes the essential Mini Jump Starter, a compact but powerful device that’s a lifesaver for any traveller. The MJS-181 model offers a peak current of 200 to 600A, capable of reviving a discharged car battery. It’s not just a jump starter; this versatile tool also functions as a power bank, charging devices like your Bluetooth speaker, cellphone, or portable fan!

The Crownline 6600mAh car jump starter is another integral part of the travel kit. Beyond jump-starting your car, it features a strobe for emergency signalling and an LED flashlight, making it a crucial item in any vehicle emergency kit. Equipped with a smart jumper cable, it safeguards against various electrical issues, including over-current and short-circuiting. This travel kit appliance offers a robust battery capacity, ensuring you’re prepared for any situation.

Travel Dalla: The coffee lover’s travel companion

For those who can’t start their day without a cup of coffee, the Crownline Travel Dalla TD-253 is a dream come true. This travel-friendly coffee maker lets you brew authentic Arabian coffee effortlessly while on the go. It comes complete with a travel bag, accessories like a measuring spoon, two containers, and four cups.

One of its standout features is the dry protection, which automatically turns the appliance off if it runs out of water. With the capacity to brew 15 to 20 small cups, pre-programmed times, a 3-hour keep warm feature, a smart control panel, and a dynamic voice indicator, this travel kit appliance makes coffee brewing simple and enjoyable.

Comprehensive travel convenience with the Travel Trio Kit

The Crownline Travel Trio Kit is the epitome of comprehensive travel convenience. This all-in-one travel kit includes a versatile 220-240V kettle, a dual-voltage hair dryer, and an iron, ensuring you’re well-equipped for any travel scenario. The kettle is designed for easy use and cleaning, featuring a flip-top cover and a wide spout. The hair dryer is both foldable and compact, complete with a built-in iron for quick clothes pressing.

Be fully prepared for your next adventure with a Crownline travel kit. Visit any National Store to explore their range of travel kit appliances, designed to bring the comforts of home on the road. We’re also on Noon.com and Amazon!

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