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Stay Cool and Comfortable with the Brand New Crownline

As the summer heat in the UAE continues to rise, homeowners, business owners, and event organisers are constantly looking for ways to stay cool and comfortable. One of the most popular solutions is a mist fan, which uses the power of water evaporation to create a cooling effect in any space.

Aside from producing a refreshing mist that can help beat the heat, it also offers multiple other benefits:

  • energy efficiency (as it uses less electricity than traditional air conditioners)
  • portability that makes it easier to move anywhere
  • improved air quality (because it helps reduce dust and allergens)

If you are looking for a reliable mist fan in the UAE, one of the best products in the market today is the Crownline MF-399. Here’s why:

Simple touch panel

The last thing you need when trying to cool off is complicated controls. That’s why the Crownline MF-399 comes with a simple touch panel that allows for easy adjustment of settings so that you can get the perfect mist every time.

Effective air distribution

With a 16-inch blade size, the MF-399 can spread air efficiently for quick cooling. This feature makes sure the fan sends out a steady and refreshing mist, suitable for home or business use.

Impressive mist capacity

When you are looking for a mist fan, it’s important to think about how much mist it can create. The Crownline MF-399 has a big tank that holds 3.3 litres of water and can make up to 200ml of mist every hour. This means you can enjoy a cool mist for many hours before needing to add more water.

Universal voltage and frequency

The Crownline MF-399 operates at a voltage of 220-240V and a frequency of 50/60 Hz.

Visit any National Store outlet to see the Crownline MF-399 in person, or order it online at Noon.com or Amazon.

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