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10 Appliance Safety Tips You Can Use Today – AHAM Consumer Blog

June is National Safety Month, and it is the perfect time to do a quick review of easy ways to stay safe when you use appliances. From your kitchen to the laundry room, here are 10 appliance safety tips you can use in your home today!

Keep an eye on what’s cooking: Unattended cooking is the leading cause of cooking fires in the U.S. and Canada. Of course, this means watching what you cook is the best way to avoid cooking fires. Ask someone to take your place if you must step away.

Turn pot and pan handles in: This will make pots and pans more difficult for children to reach and prevent hot spills that can cause burns.

Keep a fire extinguisher or baking soda nearby when cooking: Both can extinguish a cooking fire. Keep the oven door shut to smother an oven or broiler fire. Smother grease or oil fires on the cooktop with another pan or lid. Never use water to extinguish cooking fires. Read AHAM’s Recipe for Safer Cooking.

Buy from reputable sources: Does your refrigerator water filter need to be replaced? How about a rechargeable battery for your cordless vacuum? Buy your replacements from reputable sources. It may be your best defense against counterfeit products that could put your health and safety at risk, and to ensure that the product continues to perform to the original manufacturer specification.

Keep your oven and range clean: This is another important way you can reduce the risk of cooking fires. Cleaning removes grease and food residue that could catch fire.

Use the correct microwave cooking times: While microwave food related fires are rare, overheating food can cause them. Use the correct cooking times when you are cooking or reheating food in your microwave and be sure to never place metal containing dishes or materials in your microwave.

Secure your portable appliance cords: Whether you are using them or storing them, don’t allow your portable appliance cords to dangle. Dangling cords create tripping and other injury risks.

Do not use portable appliances near the sink: Using your small appliances, such as hair dryers or blenders, near the sink can put you at risk for electric shock.

Clean your dryer lint trap: This can be a crucial step in preventing dryer fires. Clean the lint filter after every load of laundry. Have your exterior venting system cleaned according to manufacturers’ instructions, and clean lint from the rear of the dryer and around the drum as necessary.

Use portable heaters safely: This is probably the last thing on your mind in June, but if you use a portable electric heater to stay warm during the colder months, make sure it is certified by a national accredited testing laboratory. Never leave it unattended and keep anything combustible or flammable away from the heater. Get more portable electric heater safety tips here.


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