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Hot Days into Cool Vacations with Crownline Air Coolers

UAE’s hot climate can turn everyday activities into a struggle, especially during the hotter months.  Finding a balance between using traditional fans that don’t do much and air conditioners that make your electric bill skyrocket is tricky. That’s where having an air cooler in the UAE makes a lot of sense.

If you are looking for an air cooler in the UAE, the following models from Crownline are worth considering.

Crownline AC-288

For those needing to cool large areas effectively, this model is designed for mobility, featuring three fan speeds that can push air around at a rate of up to 12000㎥/h. Equipped with four cooling pads, it ensures a wider and more powerful cooling reach. Plus, its large 100L water tank capacity means it can run longer without the need for a refill, making it a practical option for sustained use.

Crownline AC-250

crownline ac-250

This air cooler is perfect for families with kids or pets because of its bladeless technology. Apart from being safer for households, it comes with a removable 4.5L water tank, which makes water refill easy. You can add ice or cold water to the tank for increased cooling efficiency. The model also features a convenient 12-hour timer and comes with a remote control, enhancing usability and allowing for effortless operation from anywhere in the room.

crownline ac-287

The Crownline AC-287 is good for cooling your spaces without ramping up your electricity costs. This air cooler excels at distributing chilled air efficiently, using a special honeycomb filter that also helps purify the air from dust. It’s designed to be eco-friendly and wallet-friendly, thanks to its evaporative cooling system that uses water evaporation instead of expensive compressors.

For more information or to purchase your next air cooler in the UAE, Crownline products are available at all National Store outlets and online on Amazon and Noon.com. Stay cool and comfortable with Crownline.


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