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Crownline’s Intelligent Food Processors for UAE Kitchens

If you cook, you know how laborious it can be to prepare ingredients. Chopping, cutting, dicing, and blending them takes time and a lot of effort. Plus, there’s a chance you can make a mistake or even accidentally injure yourself. This shouldn’t be a problem when you have a food processor.

Looking for a high-quality food processor in the UAE? Crownline’s latest models will make you forget about the hassles of cutting and chopping fruits and vegetables manually, making them a must-have for every kitchen.

Crownline Food Processor FP-164

This four-in-one food processor FP-164 is a handy kitchen companion as it combines a juicer, chopper, grinder, and blender in a compact appliance to save you time and effort. Its stainless steel blades quickly and efficiently grind, crumb, mix, and blend, thanks to the powerful 450W AC 50/60Hz 220-240V motor.

Plus, you don’t have to cut ingredients into smaller pieces as it has a wide feed tube that can fit an entire fruit or vegetable. The two-speed, pulse piano button switch offers more control, while the see-through cover with a large opening allows you to check the progress.

Crownline Glass Chopper GC-275

crownline glass chopper gc-275

Are you looking for a time-saving food processorin the UAE? Crownline Glass Chopper GC-275 will save you from manually chopping, slicing, mixing, and pureeing with its 2-speed, pulse speed function. It does the job in just 8 seconds with a reliable 300-500 W motor.

Plus, it has a built-in 30-second overheating protection and an anti-slip rubber grip for safer operation. The 1.8L large-capacity bowl is worth 6 cups of ingredients, enough to prepare a family meal. Moreover, it’s removable and easy to clean, along with the stainless steel blades.

Where to get these intelligent food processors?

Equip your kitchen with a high-tech food processor in the UAE from Crownline. Find our products at a National Store in your area or shop at Amazon or Noon.com.

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