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All-Weather Comfort: Crownline’s Fan Heater

A fan heater is a space-saving and versatile appliance that will keep you warm throughout the cold season. At Crownline, we carry the best fan heaters designed for the UAE climate. You can trust their performance in delivering warmth and comfort for your living area, bedroom, or office. Plus, their compact and lightweight build makes them useful anytime and anywhere. Keep reading to learn more about our innovative fan heaters and why they’re the best choice for all-weather comfort!

Keeping you warm

Crownline HT 243 is one of the top fan heaters in the UAE. Lightweight with a modern aesthetic, it’s easy to carry, grip, and set up on a desktop, allowing you to warm your feet, body, or hands. It meets your heating requirements with an adjustable thermostat and a 3-position power button with hot wind, warm wind, and wind options. HT 243 runs on 1700 to 2000W of power to ensure comfortable heating.

Multi-season heating

Crownline HT 242 is a multi-season fan heater with two heat settings for the cold season and a cool air option for warmer days. Enjoy warm air or ordinary wind at 1700W or a hot blast of air at 2000W. The streamlined and compact design makes it easy to carry and use wherever and whenever you need warmth. Plus, the 1.4m power cable eliminates the need to find a nearby electrical socket. It will quickly warm up any space, whether you position it upright or flat.

Made with your safety in mind

Are you worried about your safety while using the fan heater? Crownline HT 243 has tip-over protection that keeps it upright, so you don’t have to worry about it falling over if you accidentally hit it. Additionally, it has built-in overheat protection that makes it automatically switch off if it reaches extreme temperatures. Crownline HT 242 also has a thermal cut-out device for your peace of mind against overheating.

Experience all-weather comfort now.

Which Crownline fan heater is your favourite? Find it in any National Store outlet near you, or shop our products on Amazon or Noon.com.

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