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The Benefits of an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Almost everyone enjoys a slice of pizza, whether it is an accompaniment to a nice glass of wine or a great family dinner. But, if you typically heat up a frozen pizza or order takeout, you are likely to be missing out on one of the best dining experiences; creating your own pizza in an outdoor pizza oven.

Pizza ovens are one of the reasons why a pizza at a restaurant tends to taste far better than you can make in your oven at home. Fortunately, pizza ovens are no longer the exclusive domain of restaurants, and you can purchase one for your home. So, here we’ll explore the benefits of an outdoor pizza oven with some tips for choosing the right one for your outdoor space.

The Pizza Oven Basics:

Before you can appreciate the benefits of a pizza oven, you need to know why it is different compared to a conventional oven or grill.

Regular ovens are designed to hit a maximum temperature of approximately 500º, but pizza ovens can reach temperatures of up to 900º. This is essential for that crispy, delicious crust.

Another key difference is that pizza ovens require the pizza to be directly placed on the floor inside the appliance, rather than sitting on a rack as it would inside an oven or grill. This does mean that you need a pizza peel to get the food in and out of the appliance, but this more direct contact with the heat also contributes to achieving that delicious crust.

Finally, pizza ovens are designed with a dome shape that encourages heat flow and distribution. This is similar to how a convection oven works, but pizza ovens also provide conduction and radiant heat. This creates a combination of three heating methods, which cooks the food faster.

The Benefits of an Outdoor Pizza Oven:

Now we’ve covered how an outdoor pizza oven differs from a conventional oven, we can discuss the benefits. These include:

Food can taste better: There is no better way to achieve the chewy and golden texture of a pizza made in an outdoor pizza oven. If you want to enjoy that unique smoky aroma, you should consider a wood fired oven, but if you prefer convenience there are gas powered models that are capable of producing a restaurant quality, artisanal crust.

Faster cook times: A pizza oven can cook a pie in far less time than calling a local shop and waiting for delivery. But, you do need to plan ahead, as you’ll need to preheat your oven, which depending on the model can take approximately 45 minutes.

Energy Saving: Having an outdoor pizza oven is a great excuse to head into your yard and have a cookout. On a warm summer day, you can still enjoy a delicious pizza without heating up inside your home.

You can expand your culinary repertoire: While pizza ovens are designed for cooking pizzas, they can also cook some other great dishes. The high heat of a pizza oven is an excellent choice to cook a cobbler or spatchcock chicken. If you choose a brick and stone model, you can even slow cook items for sumptuous and finger licking dishes. You can sear steaks, bake bread, create desserts and even roast veggies in your new pizza oven. This means that you can prepare your favorite dishes throughout the year.

An outdoor pizza oven can be a great addition to any yard, from the authentic wood fired ovens to convenient gas models, there is a pizza oven to suit your needs. If you are considered adding an outdoor pizza oven for your home, you can explore the options with our online outdoor appliance collection or speak to one of our home appliance specialists for expert advice and guidance.

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