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Should You Choose a Column Refrigerator?

While many people are familiar with counter depth refrigerators, they may be unaware of column refrigerators. This type of refrigerator is becoming increasingly popular, as it not only offers additional storage, but it can fit in a smaller space and provides the flexibility to create the ideal kitchen flow and look. So, here we’ll explore the column refrigerator in a little more detail to help you decide if you should choose one for your kitchen.

The Column Refrigerator Basics:

Column refrigerators may or may not include a freezer, so they can be a freezerless refrigerator or contain a fresh food compartment and freezer compartment as you would get with a traditional fridge.

Column refrigerators take their name from being narrower compared to traditional refrigerators. Another key difference is that they are built into the cabinetry, so they blend seamlessly into the kitchen for a cohesive, sleek look.

The Benefits of a Column Refrigerator:

There are a number of benefits a column refrigerator can offer in your kitchen. These include:

  • Built in look: You can choose to build the appliance into your existing cabinetry or into your wall. So, if you’re looking to create a high end look for your kitchen and want to disguise the appliance, a column refrigerator can offer this benefit.
  • Suitable for small spaces: Since column refrigerators are noticeably smaller compared to a standard, full size model, it makes them a great option if you have a compact space. Column refrigerators are also available in a variety of cabinet depths, so you can find the ideal one for your space.
  • Energy Efficiency: Column refrigerators operate at a consistent temperature, which can help you to save money on your energy bills. There are also models with an ENERGY STAR rating, which can provide even more cost savings.
  • Smart Capabilities: Some high end models have built in WiFi and smart capabilities. This means that you can interact with your appliance via an app on your smartphone. Some models even have a built in camera, so you can view inside your fridge on your phone.
  • Panel Ready: Most column refrigerators are sold “panel ready”, which means the front of the appliance can be fitted with a panel to match the nearby cabinetry.
  • Additional Storage: One of the greatest benefits of a column refrigerator is that they can offer more refrigerator space compared to a standard model. You could use it as your primary refrigerator or as a second appliance for specific items, such as drinks.

Features Available on Column Refrigerators:

While the feature set can vary from model to model, there are some excellent features available on column refrigerators. These include:

  • LED Lighting: LED interior lighting makes it easy to view all of your food and drinks inside your refrigerator. Some models have upper and side lighting, with the light gradually brightening and dimming when the door opens and shuts.
  • Soft Close Drawers: Most parents cringe when their teens are in the kitchen, as the sound of drawers being shut can disturb the tranquility of their home. Fortunately, some refrigerator models feature soft close drawers on the crisper and ice drawer sections.
  • WiFi Capability: Some models are equipped with WiFi capabilities, so you can adjust the temperature settings, and receive notifications if there is a power outage, it is time to change a filter or even if the door has been left ajar on your smartphone.

If you’re considering a new refrigerator for your kitchen, you can explore your options with our online refrigerator collection, which includes a number of column refrigerator models. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our home appliance specialists, who are ready to answer any of your questions or queries.

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