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Everyone knows it’s the side dishes that make Thanksgiving dinner fabulous! From Southern cornbread dressing to giblet gravy, these classic Southern Thanksgiving side dishes will have your guests raving!


It’s not a Southern Thanksgiving unless dressing is on the table! Many ask what the difference is between stuffing and dressing and it’s really simple. Stuffing is “stuffed” into the cavity of the turkey, where the dressing is cooked outside of the bird. In the South, you’ll hear most people use the term “dressing.”

SOUTHERN CORNBREAD DRESSING-Our popular cornbread dressing is made with both cornbread and biscuits. Watch our Step by Step cooking video. Don’t forget that giblet gravy.

SAUSAGE BISCUIT DRESSING-This southern dressing is made with biscuits and sausage. It’s moist and delicious! You can make our famous Cathead Biscuits a couple of days in advance to make this recipe.

SAUSAGE RICE DRESSING-Rice is prevalent in the South, and this rice dressing is always a good holiday idea.


Potatoes make a very popular side dish! Plus, you gotta have something to pour the gravy over.

CREAMY MASHED POTATOES-Is it even Thanksgiving if mashed potatoes aren’t on the table? If you happen to have any leftovers, I highly recommend making these mashed potato biscuits or fried potato cakes.

SWEET POTATO CASSEROLE-For many, Thanksgiving is the only time they eat sweet potatoes. This casserole has fantastic reviews.

25 Southern Thanksgiving Side Dishes

SWEET POTATO PONE-it’s made with sweet potatoes and molasses and is a traditional holiday food.  It can be served as a dessert or a side dish. We serve it as a side dish.


Can’t forget the vegetables. Thanksgiving dinner wouldn’t be complete without a few vegetbale dishes.

SOUTHERN BROCCOLI CASSEROLE-It’s definitely a staple! Probably one of the most popular side dishes for Thanksgiving.

25 Southern Thanksgiving Side Dishes

EASY CORN CASSEROLE-This is a very popular Southern recipe. Plus, it’s a simple dish that always received wonderful reviews.

GREEN BEANS AND POTATOES-you can never go wrong with this recipe.

CORN PUDDING-This is an old-timey Southern dish that is popular for Thanksgiving. If you’ve never had corn pudding, it’s a must try.

GARLIC CHEESE GRITS-Mom made these for every holiday when we were growing up. It’s definitelya classic southern side dish.

25 Southern Thanksgiving Side Dishes

SOUTHERN PEA SALAD-this classic dish is always a favorite!

25 Southern Thanksgiving Side Dishes


STRAWBERRY PRALINE SALAD-A good fluff salad is a must for the holidays! This strawberry praline salad is SO GOOD!

EASY CRANBERRY SALAD-just three ingredients and one of our most popular holiday recipes.

PINEAPPLE CASSEROLE-this is a very popular southern side dish. If you’ve never had it, you gotta try it.

PISTACHIO SALAD AKA WATERGATE SALAD-it’s definitely an old fashioned favorite!


Every family has those dishes that always shows up during the holidays. Here are a few of our family favorites.

BARLEY CASSEROLE-Grandmother made it every year for Thanksgiving. Now Anne makes it and it’s a must for your holiday.

BUTTERMILK MACARONI AND CHEESE-when there is a holiday or a special occasion, macaroni and cheese will be served. Period!

SOUTHERN SPOON BREAD-This is also a dish that grandmother always served. It’s definitely a family favorite.


For many years we had a non-traditional Thanksgiving. We served different dishes and everyone loved it. You don’t have to go the traditional route.


Pumpkin Bread

This pumpkin bread is easy to make and makes a wonderful gift during the holiday season.

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